Otto Penzler goes digital

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Crime fiction lovers in New York City have long benefited from the existence of Otto Penzler’s store The Mysterious Bookshop, while readers have enjoyed books he’s published under the Mysterious Publishing imprint since 1975. Now fans of the genre from around the world will be able to enjoy some of the best crime fiction authors in digital formats thanks to Penzler’s new initiative,

Working with Open Road Integrated Media, the site is publishing works by a range of authors including James Ellroy, Thomas H Cook, James Grady, Donald E Westlake, Christianna Brand and Joseph Wambaugh. Some of the authors on the list aren’t that well represented in digital formats as yet, but now you’ll be able to access their books on your Kindle, iPad, Kobo or Sony eReader.

The website also features a blog offering exclusive articles by writers in the stable. Whereas Mysterious Press was known for using top quality quality paper and creating great dust jackets, by working with Open Road the site aims to entice readers in the new ways afforded by the digital media. You can watch videos produced with James Ellroy and Thomas H Cook below.

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