St Francis of Dogtown

Written by Wm Stage — Francis X Lenihan is a process server in St Louis in the late 1980s. He is a free spirit who enjoys the independence and variety of his work, serving papers on people requiring them to attend civil court proceedings.  …
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CIS: Tomato Red revisited

Written by Daniel Woodrell — Daniel Woodrell is a Missouri-born American novelist and short story writer who has recently moved on from the crime and noir of his early stories into more mainstream literary work. His first three crime novels – Under the Bright Lights (1986), Woe…
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Gone Girl

Written by Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl has been one of the most talked-about novels (mystery or otherwise) from the past year. Gillian Flynn’s third novel has received a great deal of love from book reviewers from various outlets, been much buzzed-about on social media…
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