NTN: Ten top reads from Bloodhound Books

If you’re looking to freshen up the look of your crime bookshelf, our New Talent November sponsor Bloodhound Books has just the thing. The indie publisher specialises in finding new crime authors and getting them out there for Kindle and – increasingly – in print….
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Angel by Anita Waller

A good measure of how much a book affects you is how much of it stays with you months, or years, later. Anita Waller’s debut Beautiful, which I reviewed here for New Talent November last year, is full of the kind of scenes that you…
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It all drops on 5 May

On the Radar — 5 May is a big date on the publishing calendar, with a range of big releases landing and plenty of smaller ones too. We’ve already reviewed Distress Signals by Catherine Ryan Howard, Little Sister by David Hewson and In Too Deep…
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