On the Radar: Lost to the river

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There’s no letting up with our new books report this week and our radar is blipping out of control. Today we bring you one fascinating book after another, by some highly original authors.

On the Radar begins with the latest creepy thriller from Cynthia Pelayo in which the Chicago River has plenty to hide. You will also be taken to Brighton in the UK, for Graham Bartlett’s new police procedural, and to 90s New Hampshire for a novel by an author we’ve not featured before – Maggie Thrash. The latest novels from Morgan Greene, Eric Rickstad and Jeffrey Round are all different, clever and interesting. These authors are also new to us, so lots to discover. Sit back and take them in.

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Forgotten Sisters by Cynthia Pelayo

Forgotten Sisters by Cynthia Pelayo front cover

Step into a world of psychological suspense, history and horror when Forgotten Sisters arrives on 19 March. It is written by multiple Bram Stoker Award nominee Cynthia Peyalo and is set on the banks of the Chicago river, where sisters Anna and Jennie live a secluded life in a historic bungalow. Anna has a podcast that features creepy tales of the city’s past and through it she attracts an admirer. But as their relationship grows, so does Jennie’s sense of disquiet. And when people begin to inexplicably drown in the river, two police detectives come calling…
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City on Fire by Graham Bartlett

City on Fire by Graham Bartlett front cover

A high-raking police officer takes on the pharmaceuticals industry in Graham Bartlett‘s City on Fire, out on 21 March. Chief Supt Jo Howe is spurred into action when her sister dies of a drug overdose. The result is Operation Eradicate, aimed at getting drugs and the people who deal in them off the streets of Brighton. But not everyone supports the move – and one such person is self-made millionaire Sir Ben Parsons. He sees it is a threat to his colossal empire that relies on addicts who survive on Respite Pharmaceuticals’ substitute drugs. He has plenty of high profile contacts and soon Howe and Operation Eradicate are in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.
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Rainbow Black by Maggie Thrash

Rainbow Black by Maggie Thrash front cover

Described as ‘part murder mystery, part gay international fugitive love story’, Rainbow Black by Maggie Thrash is published in the US on 19 March. It’s set in New Hampshire in the 1990s, and it’s here that 13-year-old Lacey Bond lives a tranquil rural life at her hippie parents’ daycare centre. The idyll is shattered when her parents are arrested as part of the ‘Satanic Panic’ that’s sweeping the nation and Lacey makes a decision that will haunt her for decades. Fast forward 20 years and Lacey is law clerk to an illustrious judge, with a lovely girlfriend and a happy life – until she makes a tiny mistake that has huge repercussions.
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Savage Ridge by Morgan Greene

Savage Ridge by Morgan Greene front cover

It was 10 years ago that three school friends killed a classmate – and got away with it. Over time, all three left Savage Ridge, vowing never to return. Now private investigator Sloane Yo is on the case at the behest of the Saint John family, whose son’s body was never found. When Nick, Emmy and Pete return to Savage Ridge lured by the resourceful investigator, Sloane is not convinced they are telling the truth and suspects that Sammy Saint John was not their only victim. Is she prepared for the consequences when the real story is revealed? Savage Ridge by Morgan Greene arrives on 21 March.
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Lilith by Eric Rickstad

Lilith by Erick Rickstad front cover

A school shooting transforms the life of a single mother – but not in the way you might think – in Lilith by Eric Rickstad, out on 19 March. After her son Lydan suffers life-changing injuries, single mother Elisabeth Ross grows ever-more frustrated by the men in power who are doing nothing about it. Instead, Elisabeth becomes Lilith, and metes out her own brand of justice before posting a video of her crime. Now a target of both the FBI and vigilantes, Elisabeth strives to keep her identity a secret as she tries to care for her son and keep him safe. Did she do the wrong thing for the right reasons? Elisabeth begins to question her motivation as the FBI closes in.
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The Sulphur Springs Cure by Jeffrey Round

The Sulphur Springs Cure by Jeffrey Round front cover

An elderly woman confronts the ghost of her past in The Sulphur Springs Cure by Jeffrey Round, out on 16 March. Violet was a teenager when she and her parents visited the legendary Sulphur Springs Hotel, famed for its curative waters. She enjoyed looking behind the hotel’s luxurious facade… until she unwittingly became party to a murder. Many years later, Violet is in her 80s, and as she returns to the now derelict hotel memories come flooding back of family, lost friends and her own sexual awakening. But what happens when the rose tint falls away and painful truths of the past are finally revealed?
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