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The publishing world is a fickle one, so you don’t usually see many big name authors releasing books in December. Those aiming for the Christmas market hyped their books in October and November. But, you know what, with or without them the show must go on and a slow week for them is a fast week for indie and up-and-coming authors like the ones we bring you in On the Radar today. We start with Stephen Spotswood, a journalist and playwright who is one to watch on the crime fiction scene. We’ve also got a debut from Victoria Goddard, indie crime novels from MJ McDuffie and John G Gemmell, and a must-read for anyone who is aiming to write their first crime novel, from Prof Henry Sutton.

The other big news this week is that the winners of the Crime Fiction Lover Awards 2023 have been announced. Readers chose a selection of fantastic books, as well as their top author and crime show. Find out who won here.

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Murder Crossed Her Mind by Stephen Spotswood

Murder Crossed Her Mind by Stephen Spotswood front cover

The latest instalment in Stephen Spotswood’s Nero Award-winning Pentecost and Parker Mystery series finds the detective pairing on the trail of Vera Bodine, an elderly recluse with an incredible memory who has vanished from her home in New York. The Big Apple is a dangerous place to be in 1947 and Bodine is in possession of secrets that someone is desperate to keep hidden. But with the clock ticking down, Pentecost and Parker find themselves tied up on other investigations. Before time runs out, the duo must go nose-to-nose with murderous gangsters, make deals with conniving federal agents, confront Nazi spies, and bend their own ethical rules. Murder Crossed Her Mind is out this week.
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Still Small Voice by Victoria Goddard

Still Small Voice by Victoria Goddard front cover

Debut author Victoria Goddard is already killing off her rival writers in Still Small Voice, out now. In the heat of August 1988, the body of best-selling author Nicky Butler is discovered in an empty house in South West London. Butler had been reported missing and DI John Burroughs and his tenacious partner DS Lucy Burton have their work cut out to unmask her killer. The writer’s husband looks like a prime suspect but he was 100 miles away when she vanished. And who was the mysterious man spotted entering her house the previous evening? As the detective duo dig deeper, the case just gets more and more complicated.
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Blue Eyed Devil by MJ McDuffie

Blue Eyed Devil by MJ McDuffie front cover

Paranormal political thriller, anyone? If this genre fusion is your bag, then grab a copy of Blue Eyed Devil, written by MJ McDuffie and out now. Remy Montgomery is an FBI agent with the unique ability to see auras, and that skill is put to the test when he meets widow, Belle Brooks – who finds herself entangled in the dark legacy of her billionaire criminal husband. But Belle has some skills of her own, and as the two work together they get mixed up in a supernatural web of mystery, secrets and danger that spans centuries. And someone out there has Belle in their sights – can there be a happy ending?
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The Dogs of Avarice by John G Gemmell

The Dogs of Avarice by John G Gemmell front cover

Indie debut author John G Gemmell goes deep into the British crime underworld for his thriller The Dogs of Avarice, out now. Secrets, lies and family ties play a part in this story of lorry heists, drug dealing and people smuggling, bringing family crime syndicates into conflict from Glasgow to Morecambe Bay and across the Channel as far as Italy. Stephen and Tony have hidden their past lives for a decade, living in witness protection, but it’s hard to keep things under wraps in their line of work and they soon realise that they’re not the only ones who have secrets. Sometimes those who want too much end up with nothing at all…
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Crafting Crime Fiction by Henry Sutton

Crafting Crime Fiction by Henry Sutton front cover

Has all of this crime fiction reading inspired you to think about writing a book yourself? Then add Henry Sutton’s Crafting Crime Fiction to the Christmas list immediately! It’s out now and packed with tips and advice for the wannabe author. Covering everything from picking a genre to plot, point of view and pace, this guide will help new and experienced writers to navigate their journey with greater knowledge, enthusiasm and skill, accelerating the process of writing a truly standout crime novel in a unique voice.
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