On the Radar: New psychological suspense with Nicci French, and more

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Welcome to the latest edition of On the Radar, where we’ve got news on five new crime releases for you starting with The Unheard, the latest from British crime writing duo Nicci French. Lee Matthew Goldberg’s new novel has a great title – Stalker Stalked – and former government minister Alan Johnson makes his debut on our site with a great little crime story set in London. We’ll also take you to Romania with Bogdan Hrib’s much anticipated Resilience, and to Scotland for Denzil Meyrick’s new gangland thriller.

Read on, and let us know which crime novel you’ll be picking for your next read.

The Unheard by Nicci French

The Unheard by Nicci French front cover

A new standalone from the joint forces of husband and wife writing team Nicci Gerrard and Sean French is a moment to celebrate – and we only have to wait until 16 September to open the fizz. The Unheard focuses on Tess, a single mother since she split with Jason, father to her three-year-old daughter Poppy. Mum and child are close, but the life of a working mother means that they can’t always be together. When Tess finds a dark and menacing drawing among her daughter’s multicoloured art works she’s convinced that Poppy has seen something truly awful. But when no one will listen to your fears, and you have no real idea what has happened, who do you turn to?
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Stalker Stalked by Lee Matthew Goldberg

Stalker Stalked by Lee Matthew Goldberg front cover

Lexi Mazur is suffering from depression which she ‘treats’ with copious amounts of booze and drugs, relying on her favourite reality show, Socialites, to get her through the day. Then boyfriend Steve decides he’s had enough and leaves. At this point, Lexi’s love of Socialites turns to obsession as she begins stalking the show’s star, Magnolia Artois, on social media. She’s stalked before – it was how she got together with Steve in the first place – but suddenly Lexi feels like someone is watching her. How does a stalker cope with being stalked? And can she get her act together enough to turn the tables on the faceless watcher? Lee Matthew Goldberg’s Stalker Stalked is out on 17 September.
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The Late Train to Gipsy Hill by Alan Johnson

The Late Train to Gipsy Hill by Alan Johnson front cover

He’s an award-winning biography writer, now former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson has turned his hand to writing political thrillers. Gary Nelson’s life in London has been pretty humdrum up to now… boring job, dull commute. Then one evening he gets talking to Anna, a waitress who travels on the same train as him each day. But Anna isn’t all that she seems – and that encounter is about to change Gary’s life. He soon finds himself on the run from Russian secret agents, the mob and even the Metropolitan Police in a contemporary thriller that will have you gripped. The Late Train to Gipsy Hill is out now
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Terms of Restitution by Denzil Meyrick

Terms of Restitution by Denzil Meyrick front cover

There’s a touch of The Sopranos about Terms of Restitution, a new gangland thriller from Denzel Meyrick – a Scottish author best known for his series featuring DCI Jim Daley. Former Paisley gangland boss Zander Finn left a life of crime behind after his son was brutally murdered. These days he works as an ambulance driver in London but when his old second-in-command Malky Maloney tracks Finn down he is forced to return to Scotland and take on a gang of Albanian mobsters in a battle for the survival of both his real family and his crime family. It could prove to be the biggest mistake Finn has ever made. Out now.
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Resilience by Bogdan Hrib

Resilience by Bogdan Hrib front cover

Fixer Stelian Munteanu has had enough of catering to everyone else’s needs and decides to step back and concentrate on making the long-distance relationship with his wife Sofia work. But there is no way he can refuse when a notorious Romanian businessman’s daughter dies in in the north of England, and the man demands that Stelian investigate. It is with reluctance that he gets involved once more – and lands himself in a tangled web of shady business dealings, fake news and international politics in a story that moves between London, Newcastle, Bucharest and Iasi. Translated by Marina Sofia, Resilience by Bogdan Hrib is out now.
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Read about last week’s new books here.

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