Crime Fiction Lover turns 10!

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Yes, it’s happy birthday to us. Our site launched 10 years ago on 3 August 2011, and what a ride it has been. We’ve reviewed over 2,400 crime novels and posted a total of 4,576 articles, including coverage of some of the greatest crime shows of the decade.

The site has always been dedicated to our readers, bringing everyone who loves crime fiction – no matter where they live – fresh articles on the topic and independent reviews. Thank you to everybody who reads the site for your support.

Although we haven’t reviewed as many books and watched as many shows as we’d have liked, our track record is still pretty strong. Reaching our 10th birthday is a testament to CFL contributors, past and present, whose hard work, knowledge and talent have made the site what it is. Party hats are off to the current team, and the 21 contributors who have worked with us and moved on to bigger and better things. Several of them are now top crime authors. And let’s not forget OneTenEleven Media, which has designed our site and kept us online all this time.

It has been our pleasure over the years to support the crime authors and publishers who make the genre possible, and who keep pushing it in new directions. Many of them have offered their support to us as advertisers and we’re grateful for that because it has enabled us to pay our bills and keep the site online.

At times like this, it’s always fun to look back at our traffic figures and see what the most popular articles have been. Since we’ve launched, about 1.8 million people have visited the site and, apart from the homepage, our top articles have been:

1 – Our first feature about the German crime show The Nordic Murders

2 – Our Reviews page

3 – The article we wrote in 2019 about the Danish crime show Darkness: Those Who Kill

4 – This very popular guide to the Charlie Parker series by John Connolly

5 – Another guide – this time to the Bernie Gunther novels by Philip Kerr

Thanks again to everybody who reads Crime Fiction Lover, and to our followers on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s to another 10 years!


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