What really happened?

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On the Radar — What really happened? It’s what every thriller and every mystery has us turning the pages to find out, isn’t it? This week’s books have plenty of subterfuge and plot twists as we wait to find out what really happened to Annie Thorne, what really happened to little Elspeth, and what happened in the Norwegian village of Fredheim… five books to keep you guessing in On the Radar.

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The Taking of Annie Thorne by CJ Tudor

One night, little Annie Thorne went missing. Two days later she returned, unable, or unwilling, to share what had happened to her. And forever afterwards, there is always something a little ‘off’ about Annie. Fast forward to the present day and Annie’s sibling receives a mysterious email that could solve the mystery of what really happened to Annie all those years ago. This is CJ Tudor’s much anticipated second novel, after The Chalk Man, which came out last year. Out 21 February.
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Day of the Accident by Nuala Ellwood

Here’s a new standalone thriller by Nuala Ellwood that has had its release delayed once or twice but is finally arriving on 21 February as a paperback and is already on sale for Kindle. The day of the accident is a blank when Maggie emerges from her coma. Apparently she had a crash, and the police say her daughter Elspeth drowned when the car Maggie was driving plunged into the river. A confused Maggie needs the love and support of her husband, Sean. But Sean disappeared right after Elspeth’s funeral. What’s real and what’s fiction – and can Elspeth still be alive?
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Inborn by Thomas Enger

Norwegian author Thomas Enger‘s latest standalone psychological crime novel is already available for Kindle but arrives in print on 21 February as well. Inborn is the story of Even, a 17-year-old put on trial for murder in the small town of Fredheim. As well as facing the judicial system, he’s also being tried on social media. But Even starts to think about the months before the murder he’s accused of and realises others in the town had been acting suspiciously. He starts to question events from his own family’s past and form ideas about why the murder occurred. Sounds deep.
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Fade to Grey by John Lincoln

Mail on Sunday crime reviewer John Williams is here writing as John Lincoln, after previously penning non-fiction crime titles. While in prison, convicted murderer Izma M has written a book and become a cult hero. Now the film star Amelia Laverne wants to prove Izma’s innocence and turns to Gethin Grey of Last Resort Legals, a law firm dedicated to righting miscarriages of justice. Trouble is, aside from Izma’s convoluted cold case, Grey has a taste for games of chance… Out 21 February.
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A Killer’s Alibi by William J Myers

Here William J Myers continues his Philadelphia Legal series with a double-whammy of cases for hotshot defence lawyer Mick McFarland and his wife, Piper. McFarland is confounded by the case of Jimmy Nunzio, who has been caught red handed, standing with a knife over the dead body of his daughter’s lover. While Nunzio wants a defence, he’s giving McFarland nothing to go on. Meanwhile, Piper is fighting for justice for a young woman accused of killing her abusive father. Fathers. Daughters. Killers. Parallels. It’s out 19 February.
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