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This debut by Lilja Sigurdardottir pulls the camera in close on what it’s like to be a drugs mule for a sordid Reykjavik outfit. Main character Sonja Gunnarsdottir hates the fact that she has been ensnared by local organised crime, but at the same time gets a buzz out of being one of the best in the business, outwitting airport authorities and managing to bring larger and larger amounts into the country. She’s doing it all to support herself and her little boy, and as the story develops, the nature of her contract with the traffickers and how it came about unravels. Will she ever be able to escape their clutches? What about the airport security man Bragi, who is on her trail? Her lesbian lover, caught up in Iceland’s financial scandal? Or, Sonja’s violent ex-husband? Read it to find out. Our full review is here.

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