The Shadow District

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Arnaldur Indridason has started a new series of crime novels set during World War II, and they’re worth tuning in for, as The Shadow District proves. A young woman has been found dead behind the country’s National Theatre in Reykjavik and Icelandic detective Flovent works alongside Stefan Thorson, a Canadian translator of Icelandic extract working for the US Army. The country is occupied by the Allies, and the pair have their work cut out for them catching a culprit in the bleak, windy winter. In a parallel plot thread, set in the present day, retired detective Konrad finds the death of an old man in a Reykjavik flat fascinating. And in the old man’s room, newspaper clippings dating back to this WWII case. Captivating, intelligent and deeply moving writing from Iceland’s premier author – you might not read anything better this year. Read our full review here.

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