Follow the Money returns

On Saturday 4 March 2017, UK crime fiction lovers will be able to enjoy the first two episodes of Follow the Money season two as they air on BBC Four. The hit crime drama from Denmark starts all over again, and fraud squad detectives Mads Justesen and Alf Rybjerg have not forgotten all the wrongdoing that went on at Energreen during the first series. After all, Sander Sodergren is missing along with the investors’ money and hundreds of jobs at Energreen-owned companies. Who knew the green energy industry was so corrupt?

But the story moves on and into the world of banking when a small carpentry business goes bust, and the police eventually have a hostage situation on their hands at Novo Bank. While Mads (played by Thomas Bo Larson) deals with this, Claudia Moreno (Natalie Madueno) is released after a-year-and-a-half in jail for her role in what happened at Energreen, but can only find work in a coffee shop. Things pick up for her when Energreen’s former chairman, the slippery Knud Christiansen, offers her a new job at another bank.

Fans of the Copenhagen-based programme will be pleased to hear that the small-time crooks Nicky and Bimse still have their auto repair shop, but Nicky is now working for ‘the Swede’ on the side – the deadly fixer who made problems disappear for the Energreen boss during the first series.

The programme aired during October and November in Denmark, and promises a whole new web of power, corruption and lies to intrigue lovers of Nordic noir across the 10 episodes of season two.

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Claudia – released but obviously missing her son, who has moved to Paris.

Mads stands behind his boss.

Nothing like a new cabal of greedy financiers.

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  1. Kyle James Frazer Reply

    I had no idea there was a second season and felt apprehensive; they did a good job of wrapping things up after season 1, how would the characters develop and evolve?

    I’m on the 5th episode and it’s all coming together nicely. How cool to see Mads and Alf back. 😀

    1. crimefictionlover Reply

      It was a great second series. The plot jumps along in a few places. How about ‘the Swede’, eh? He popped up in Keeper of Lost Causes, as a Swede, again on Saturday.

      1. Kyle James Frazer Reply

        Oh I didn’t see that – been away since I finished the 2nd series.

        I do think that Nicki got off a bit light from the authorities – no spoilers – despite what he did end up losing in the end.

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