His mother’s killer

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On the Radar — We’ll lead off this week with the latest David Baldacci novel, in which his series character John Puller turns his eye on catching his mother’s killer. This side of the pond, DCI Kate Daniels returns with a new case, and there’s also an unexpected turn for Sherlock Holmes as he’s sent to China. Read on and enjoy this week’s new releases.

nomansland300No Man’s Land by David Baldacci
One of America’s leading crime authors, David Baldacci brings us his fourth John Puller novel. This time, the US Army investigator is looking back at the disappearance of his mother 30 years ago. What cuts deep is the discovery of new evidence that suggests his father, a decorated vet, might have killed her. Meanwhile, a man called Paul Rogers has been paroled after spending 10 years in prison for murder. And… he’s out for revenge! How will the two troubling tales weave together? Find out on 17 November.
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gallowsdrop300Gallows Drop by Mari Hannah
Here’s a new fraught thriller in the Kate Daniels series by Mari Hannah, which looks to be full of twists, and violence. A body is found strung up to an old gallows tree the morning after a country fair. But Kate can’t take the case as she’s due some leave. However, it turns out her replacement, DCI Atkins, has a daughter who witnessed a fight involving the deceased and Atkins is moved off the case. Then, Kate Daniels is attacked… The small North East village where the crime occurred is in shock, but also in the grip of something else, it seems. Out 17 November.
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sherlockholmesninedragonsigil300Sherlock Holmes and the Nine-Dragon Sigil by Tim Symonds
If you thought the only time you’d hear the word ‘sigil’ was when watching Game of Thrones, think again. The latest Sherlock novel from Tim Symonds is set in Peking in 1906, where a plot seems to be hatching against the progressive-minded Ch’ing Emperor, or his fearsome aunt, the Empress Dowager Cixi. No-one’s sure which. Sherlock Holmes is called in to work it out and he, in turn, is caught between British interests in China, and those of the Chinese themselves. He and Watson will find themselves in the disorientating surroundings of the Forbidden City as they investigate. Released 21 November
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rootedindishonour300Rooted in Dishonour by Christina James
The controversial subject of arranged marriages comes to the fore in Rooted in Dishonour. A few days after she is introduced to the cousin she is meant to marry, Ayesha Verma has disappeared. DI Tim Yates and Superintendent Thornton of Lincolnshire Police are convinced she’s been the victim of an honour killing. Then, another local teenager goes missing and it seems as though the case isn’t so clear cut. We don’t see many books from the flatlands of South Lincolnshire – should be interesting. Out 15 November
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sacrifice300Sacrifice by Hanna Winter
German author Eva Rehberger has used several pen names, and the latest is Hanna Winter. Sacrifice is the first case for Lena Peters, a criminal psychologist whose aim is to catch a killer who’s out on a vendetta. Lena knows what makes murderers tick, but she also knows all about obsession and has been close to the edge herself. It’s out now for Kindle, and on 17 November as a paperback.
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