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On the Radar — James Patterson is quite possibly the world’s top-selling crime author at the moment, partly because he’s so prolific. So we’d like to know if you’ll be getting his latest Alex Cross book, Cross the Line? Or, will you be adding one of the other books in this week’s news column to your reading pile instead – Stephenie Meyer’s The Chemist, perhaps? Do let us know in the comments below.

crosstheline300Cross the Line by James Patterson
In the 24th Alex Cross novel, the DC police chief has been shot dead and the mayor calls on Cross to investigate. But other problems are brewing for the cops – the city’s being swept by a series of murders. Somebody is killing criminals – they’re taking the law into their own hands and that might just be what Cross has to do to end the carnage. Out now.
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chemist300The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer
James Patterson might be one of the world’s leading crime authors, but in the fantasy realm Stephenie Meyer takes the accolade. She wrote the Twilight saga, and had the millennial generation addicted to blood thanks to her vampires and werewolves. Now the author has turned her hand to espionage fiction and this new hardback not only has a fantastic jacket but inside is the story of a woman agent who has an amazing knowledge of chemistry.  She worked for the US government’s most secret agency, but found herself a liability and went on the run. When a former handler gets in touch and offers her a way out, she steps up. Soon, she’s in an even more dangerous situation and, to make things worse, she’s falling in love… You can’t fight the chemistry. Out now.
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tokyonights300Tokyo Nights by Jim Douglas
Irishman Jim Hickey and the Scot Douglas For­rester teamed up to write Tokyo Nights before Forrester sadly passed away. Their main man is Charlie Davies, who is on a journey in Japan aiming to forget his past. Private investigator Colin McCann has been hired to find out what happened to the daughter of a rich businessman, and Charlie is one of the people he needs to speak to. The authors have focused on energy, excitement and Japan’s rich and varied culture, and Tokyo Nights is out 21 November
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sinnerman300Sinner Man by Lawrence Block
The legendary New York writer Lawrence Block started writing his novel about 58 years ago. He completed it, but it wasn’t printed for a further eight years, and then with a different title and under a pseudonym. Now, thanks to Hard Case Crime you can discover the book where Lawrence Block first established his uncompromisingly tough style. In Sinner Man, an insurance salesman has to take an assumed identity and infiltrate the New York mob to clear his name. You’ll also love the cover art by Michael Koelsch. Watch for our review soon. Out 22 November.
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hellisempty300Hell is Empty by Conrad Williams
The Joel Sorrell PI series continues with the third book, Hell is Empty. His wife was murdered, and in the last book, Sonata of the Dead, his daughter went missing. Now he’s received a request for help from a childhood sweetheart, but nothing about her or her request makes sense to Sorrell. He suspects an old adversary is toying with him. Soon enough Joel Sorrell is on the run and once again fighting for his life. Watch for our review. Out 25 November.
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