First look: A crime novel from Fargo’s writer

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If you loved the TV series Fargo, this book is worth looking out for. Before the Fall was written by Noah Hawley, writer and creator of the award-winning series which is based on the Coen Brothers’ 1996 film. Already on sale, the book has just arrived with us here at CFL and we thought we’d give you a peek at the hardcover.

Before the Fall probably doesn’t have the sense of reloved nostalgia experienced with Fargo, but it will pack plenty of suspense. An artist called Scott Burroughs is travelling from Martha’s Vineyard back to New York. Normally he takes the ferry, but this time he’s offered a seat on a private jet. Not long after take-off, the Bateman family’s plane gets into trouble and crashes into the ocean. Of the 11 on board, only Scott and young JJ Bateman survive.

How they made it is one mystery? Another is just what took the plane down – a bomb, missile, or something else? And then there’s the question why. The wealthy David Bateman ran a populist TV news channel, and a media storm awaits Scott and JJ as they recover.

While the thriller side of the story drives the page turning, the press release also describes Before the Fall as literary fiction. It explores the human condition, the dark side of celebrity, the nature of art, the power of the media… and so on. The book isn’t Hawley’s first crime story in print – he’s previously written The Good Father and A Conspiracy of Tall Men. He also worked on the TV series Bones for a few seasons, which adapted Kathy Reichs‘ Tempe Brennan novels.

Watch for our review, but if you can’t wait, use the button below to order your own copy today.




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