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On the Radar — With such strange global weather patterns, the UK has had July temperatures in December, and now it looks like we might be getting May in January. Peter May, that is. The Scottish author has a new book set on the Isle of Harris coming out, as does fellow Scot Stuart MacBride. We’ve also got titles set in Philly, Sweden, and on a posh English golf course somewhere…

This is our final OTR of 2015, so Happy New Year and here’s to a crime filled 2016!

Coffin RoadCoffin Road by Peter May
Peter May takes us back to the rugged and windswept Hebridean island of Harris. It tells the story of a near-drowned man washed up on one of its beautiful beaches, a century old mystery of how three lighthouse keepers died, and a contemporary death on the same spot. DS George Gunn is sent from the mainland to make sense of the crimes, but he feels like he’s in a foreign land. For further references to Peter May and his books, click the links to Runaway, Entry Island, The Chessmen and our Peter May interview. Coffin Road will be available from 14 January.
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The 8th circleThe 8th Circle by Sarah Cain
Sarah Cain is a graduate of the prestigious Smith College in Massachusetts, but her debut novel is set in Philadelphia. Brotherly love is in short supply as journalist Danny Ryan tries to move on from his grief over the loss of his wife and children in a road traffic accident. When his best buddy, a fellow journalist, dies in mysterious circumstances, Ryan finds out that Michael Cohen was about to publish an article which would compromise powerful local politicians. Ryan’s own life is on the line, but he steps up to the plate to bring guilty men to justice. Published on 12 January.
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The WidowThe Widow by Fiona Barton
Behind every great man stands a great woman. So the aphorism goes. What if the man is accused of a terrible crime, and his face is splashed on the front page of every tabloid newspaper? What kind of woman stays loyal? Jean Taylor does indeed stand by her man but when he dies she has a widow’s tale to tell, and it is a tale which will set friend against friend and colleague against colleague. This psychological thriller is out on 14 January.
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Cherringham A Bad LieCherringham – A Bad Lie by Neil Costello and Matthew Richards
Cosy Crime fans might have been feeling neglected thus far, but all is not lost. In this, the latest novella in the monthly series set in the idyllic English village of Cherringham, English web designer Sarah and American ex-cop Jack pit their very different wits against the killer of a well-connected young artist who’s been killed on at an exclusive golf club. If you fancy a novella to accompany your bedtime cup of something warm and comforting, then you can get the latest Cherringham saga from 11 January.
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A Death In SwedenA Death in Sweden by Kevin Wignall
Although Kevin Wignall was born in Belgium and counts himself a Brit, his latest novel tells the tale of an under-the-radar British operative – Dan Hendricks – who is contracted to travel to Sweden to investigate the unfortunate death of Jacques Fillon. The man was hit by a bus, but there must be more to it than that. Hendricks is used to dealing with corpses, but when he discovers that Fillon never actually existed, he realises that he may have a serious problem on his hands. Published on 1 January.
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In The Cold Cold GroundIn the Cold Dark Ground by Stuart MacBride
MacBride spoke to us about his work in this 2014 interview, and now he brings us the latest adventure of his Aberdeen copper, Logan McRae. With his customary mix of black humour and gritty police procedural, MacBride drops McRae into the middle of a messy investigation of a gruesome murder. McRae’s life is not made any easier by the presence of his scabrous former boss DCI Steele, and those Angels of Death of any copper’s life – the boys from Professional Standards. MacBride is one of our established CFL favourites, and you can click the links to find more about Close to the Bone, Shatter the Bones, A Song for the Dying, and 22 Dead Little Bodies. Out on 14 January.
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