Life or Death

lifeordeath200Michael Robotham’s Life or Death not only received five stars when DeathBecomesHer reviewed it during the summer, but it has also picked up the CWA Gold Dagger for 2015.

Though Robotham is Australian, this story is set in Texas where Audie Palmer has been in prison for a decade for his part in an armed robbery in which four people were killed and $7 million went missing. During his 10 years inside, he has endured beatings and attempts on his life from both warders and inmates, but instead of buckling under the pressure he has kept his nose clean and his mouth shut. But now he’s done his time and his release date is tomorrow. So why on earth would the guy break out today? It is a question that taxes the prison authorities, police and FBI. Is Audie on the run in order to recover the cash, or is something more complex going on?

If you like a story that’s got raw energy as well as an intriguing mystery involving past deed and misdeeds, then this is one of the best. Here’s our full review.

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