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Now here’s a printing
that looks like the ideal Halloween treat, or the perfect Christmas present. Stephen King’s pulpy crime novel Joyland came out in 2013 to great acclaim, which included our five-star review. Publisher Hard Case Crime has just made things even better, though, with this brand new illustrated edition.

In addition to a fresh, pulp-style jacket illustration by Glen Orbik (who passed away earlier this year) you’ll also find over 20 interior illustrations by the artists Robert McGinnis, Mark Summers and Pat Kinsella. The story takes place in a theme park – the eponymous Joyland – in 1973, and to add to that carnival atmosphere, this edition’s back cover features an isometric map of the park drawn by Susan Hunt Yule.

The original Joyland cover.

The original Joyland cover.

Alongside the glorious pictures, of course, you’ll know that Stephen King is a master storyteller. Here his yarn features Devin Jones, a college student working at Joyland for the summer to earn some money. What he thought was a summer job draws him into a coming-of-age mystery involving a vicious murder that took place years ago, and the fate of a young boy dying of muscular dystrophy. It’s a gripping and truly moving story.

“The final confrontation between Devin and the killer on the big wheel is a master class in suspense. This book is a must read,” said our review.

It comes out 23 October with a list price of £16.99, but you can pre-order it on Amazon here for £11.89. Go ahead and admire some of the views below.







Who doesn’t love a deckled edge?

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