First look: James Patterson’s Murder House

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murderhouse_firstlook_875We don’t normally do first look articles for James Patterson’s releases – perhaps because his fans know exactly what they’re going to get. But this one’s a bit different. Instead of the usual print, ebook and audiobook releases, Patterson and his publishers are mixing it up. Firstly, Murder House is being serialised – both as an ebook and an audiobook – in five parts. The first one comes out 1 September.

murder_house_part_one200Secondly, the ebook is being augmented with some nifty extras. There are radio news bulletins, newspaper articles, coroner’s reports, letters and so forth. They might help you uncover extra a clues and draw you deeper into the story.

James Patterson is not only a man of many faces (see his website) but he’s a man of many co-authors and for Murder House he’s worked with David Ellis. As the title strongly suggests, the story involves a desolate house. This one’s in the Hamptons at 7 Ocean Drive, and it was the setting for a series of unsolved killings years ago. Is the house cursed?

When a detective called Jenna Murphy moves to the area to escape a troubled past and to get her career back on track, the killing at 7 Ocean Drive kicks in once again. A Hollywood power broker and his mistress are found murdered in the abandoned property. That’s just the beginning and it’s up to Jenna Murphy to uncover all the secrets of the Murder House…

The weekly serialisations are £1.99 on Kindle and £2.62 as audiobooks, on UK Amazon. Or, you can wait for the hardback which will be £9 and comes out on 24 September. Watch for our weekly reviews of the serialised version.

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