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Love You to a Pulp

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Loveyoutoapulp200Brownsville is in the state of Somewhere, USA. It’s home to the cynical, solvent sniffing detective Neil Chambers. When Jenkins, the local pharmacist, turns to Chambers for help after being beaten up by his daughter’s boyfriend, our downbeat hero agrees to look for Hoon and teach him a lesson. When he manages to track the man down, as is often the situation in pulp PI fiction, Hoon is lying dead. Turns out, Hoon’s ex-wife is now with Paul Skaggs, a successful personal injury lawyer who is rumoured to have a piece of the local prostitution and porn rackets. To sort out the mess he’s in, Chambers is going to have to deal with all sorts of thugs – including ones working for the local PD.

“Love You to a Pulp is a stunning rural noir that would leave Jim Thompson nodding in admiration,” said RoughJustice when he reviewed it here. Read our interview with CS DeWildt here.

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