Look who’s writing for us XIV

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zaccolbert540Good news for us here on Crime Fiction Lover. We’ve recruited a new member to our team. Zac Colbert is a writer and TV producer based in Brighton, UK. And, if you’re a lover of old school grisly noir, like you’ll find in the novels of Jim Thompson and James M Cain, you’ll be pleased to know that Zac is passionate about it too.

He also enjoys the cinematic literature of Elmore Leonard and James Ellroy, and in his contributions to CFL you can expect a healthy mix of book reviews and features alongside pieces covering crime fiction on screen, from classic film noirs to modern TV series.

Currently editing a collection of short stories (Noir is the New Black) and completing his debut novel (Sooner than Now) Zac’s unique brand of pop-cultural crime subverts the coming-of-age cliches in a wry, knowing and accessible style. We also like it that there’s a still from Driver on his blog, which you can read here. You can also follow him on Twitter here.

Meet the rest of our team here.

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