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Cookie’s Case

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Cookie's CaseCookie is an artistic dancer… Well, ok, she’s actually a stripper. She is, in fact, something of a cliché – a stripper with a heart of gold. Her act these days is not what it was, ever since she literally slipped on a banana skin, injured her back and underwent corrective surgery which went badly wrong. Now, she needs to have regular spinal taps, administered by her Svengali-like elderly boyfriend. Enter, stage left, Tug Wyler. Tug is a personal injury lawyer. He is a very clever personal injury lawyer. Even more improbably, he is a very honest and principled personal injury lawyer. His mission to get to the bottom of who exactly is ripping off the desirable Cookie is a brilliant legal thriller tour de force. It is also very funny, with great dialogue and even better jokes. Read David Prestidge‘s full review of Andy Siegel’s book here.

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