Roy Grace makes theatrical debut

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DeadSimpleplayposter540Crime-based drama has been packing them in to theatres worldwide for decades. However, while classics of the Agatha Christie ilk are common, it’s a little less usual for more contemporary novels to appear on the boards.

Currently on a UK tour is a stage treatment of Dead Simple, adapted by Shaun McKenna from the hugely popular book of the same name by international best-selling crime thriller novelist Peter James. It was James’ first book to feature the now-famous detective character Roy Grace, but is the second novel by the author become a drama. The Perfect Murder toured theatres in 2013 and 14.

Dead Simple stars Tina Hobley, best known as ward sister Chrissie Williams in the BBC 1’s Holby City, and Jamie Lomas who has starred for the past year in EastEnders as the murderous Jake Stone. The other players include Rik Makarem, Michael McKell and Gray O’Brien, who has some experience of crime drama, having appeared in Sleuth in London’s West End. For tour dates and venues, click here.

The Ringer
Scottish author Tony Black’s novella The Ringer has also been transformed into a play which debuts at the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr on 11 February, with the possibility of it moving onto Glasgow and the Edinburgh Fringe too. It’s described as a bitter-sweet revenge thriller, set in Glasgow. For more information, visit this website.


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