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On the Radar — What a line-up we’ve got for you today! From the latest Roy Grace mystery set in Brighton through to Edie Kiglatuk in the Arctic Circle, and back to Nottingham with good old Charlie Resnick, there are murders galore and they all must be solved. There’s even a book about a fake psychic detective, plus a visit to Spain and the latest James Patterson too. If you love crime fiction, why go anywhere else? Let us know which ones you’ll be adding to your TBR pile.

want-you-deadWant You Dead by Peter James
If June is coming, it must be time for another episode in the life of Brighton detective Roy Grace. This will be the 10th in the series by Peter James and we reviewed the previous instalment here. Grace gets involved in a case where good intentions go terribly wrong. When an attractive 29-year-old woman begins to think that she should no longer be single, and that the egg-timer of youth is leaking sand far too quickly, she turns to an online dating agency. At first the results seem too good to be true, but as she develops a relationship with her new partner, instant attraction slowly transforms itself into terror and obsession. Grace groupies – put the date 5 June into your diary because that’s when it’s on sale.
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Those Who Feel NothingThose Who Feel Nothing by Peter Guttridge
Also set in Brighton, Peter Guttridge’s new novel juxtaposites of one of Brighton’s biggest tourist attractions – the Royal Pavilion – with a man who lived through the brutal state terrorism of Pol Pot’s Kampuchea. There is a network of tunnels and cellars beneath the exotic Georgian building and when looted artifacts from Angkor Watt are found hidden there, DI Gilchrist and her partner DS Heap are puzzled but not unduly alarmed.  The mystery takes on a more sinister hue when a body is found, and the subsequent investigation has to reach back into a very dark period of recent history in order to find the answers. Gutteride has been a crime fiction critic for The Observer for many years, and readers may be familiar with his other series featuring Nick Madrid. Published on 29 May.
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WHITE-RABBITWhite Rabbit KA Laity
The central character in KA Laity’s latest crime offering is certainly original. James Draygo fell from grace as a police officer and now he scratches a living as a fake psychic. But there’s just one problem. Amidst the fake table-tapping and revelations from a Ouija board Draygo actually is psychic, and what he sees and hears from the departed makes his public performances far from straightforward. Readers of Laity’s previous books will expect an intriguing weave of different genres, and they will not be disappointed. Draygo’s troubles start when one of those round his fake table, trying to commune with dead people, becomes very much dead herself, when she is gunned down. Draygo puts himself and his fragile psyche in harms way as he then hunts for the killer. The Michigan-raised author divides her time between New York and Scotland, and her latest book is out now. Watch for our review soon.
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NYPD Red2NYPD Red 2 by James Patterson
Patterson’s collaborator here is Marshall Karp, an author with several of his own novels under his belt, including Bloodthirsty (2007) and Cut, Paste, Kill ( 2010). In NYPD Red they introduced the detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald. This time the duo face a serial killer who is enjoying a certain amount of public acclaim. All his victims are themselves killers, but for one reason or another, they have evaded justice. The relentless action is mixed with the personal chemistry between MacDonald and Jordan. She is the girl who broke his heart, but he has learned to live with the pain. When he discovers that her marriage is on the rocks, his mind reels with the possibilities. Available on 5 June.
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The Nemesis ProgramThe Nemesis Program by Scott Mariani
Books whose titles contain the words, Conspiracy, Project, Prophecy, Relic, Legacy, Sword and Program pretty much wear their hearts on their sleeves. In the latest in a popular series which has been described as ‘Jason Bourne meets The Da Vinci Code’ sees the return of Ben Hope. Our hero is a failed theologian, ex-SAS man and partial Laphroaig addict, but add to the list international adventurer. When American biologist Dr Roberta Ryder becomes involved in the murder of a fellow scientist in Paris, Hope must battle to prevent a group of very powerful and well-connected conspirators from unleashing a terrible fate on thousands of innocent people. To add to the intrigue, Ryder is his former lover. They race across Europe, trying uncover the secret of a controversial Serbian scientist, while trying to stay one step ahead of their pursuers. Available from 5 June.
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Blood MedBlood Med by Jason Webster
Maximiliano Cámara Reyes (Max Cámara to you and me) is a dope-smoking, flamenco-loving Chief Inspector in Valencia’s Homicidios. In this, the fourth novel of the series, Spain is in a bad way. It has become the 21st century version of The Sick Man of Europe. The banks are under threat, medical services are stretched to the limit, and ordinary citizens have become polarised by extreme political feelings. Cuts in public expenditure have reached the police force, and it looks as if either Cámara or his best amigo Torres may be for the chop. When a young American woman is murdered, and a former bank employee’s suicide begins to look suspicious, the two cops must solve the cases against a rising tide of civil unrest, and with each one looking over his shoulder at the other. We reviewed an earlier novel in the series here, and you can read our interview with Jason Webster here. Blood Med is out on 5 June.
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The Bone SeekerThe Bone Seeker by MJ McGrath
There is an ever narrowing search for crime fiction authors to find a new location and a new nationality for their settings. In 2011 Melanie McGrath introduced her Inuit guide and investigator Edie Kiglatuk in White Heat, which we reviewed here. It was obvious then that Edie’s Arctic Circle home made for an amazing crime fiction setting with its implacable climate, men and women living at the very edge of civilsation, and the almost endless darkness of the winter months. But now it’s high summer in Canada’s High Arctic and Edie becomes involved in the search for the killers of a young Inuit girl whose body is found floating in a lake near a decommissioned radar facility. Are the culprits to be found within a local military base, or is the solution more complex? Published in all formats on 5 June.
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darkness darknessDarkness, Darkness by John Harvey
The downbeat, jazz-loving Nottingham detective came into out lives with Lonely Hearts in 1989. Now, 11 full length novels, two TV movies, and a collection of short stories later, Harvey has brought Charlie Resnick back. Now retired, our hero is unable to stay away from the job and his help is sought when a 30-year-old cold case resurfaces. At the height of the 1984 miners’ strike Jenny Hardwick was an activist in support of the strikers. However, her husband refused to join the protest, and carried on working as normal. It was assumed at the time that her marriage was irreparably broken, and that she had run off with another man. When a body is discovered during an excavation, not only does one of the darkest periods of British history come under the microscope, but Resnick must re-evaluate his own part in the dramatic events all those years ago. It’s out today.
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