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Sorrow Bound

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Sorrow Bound largeWe interviewed former journalist David Mark after his previous novel Original Skin won universal praise in crime fiction circles. The intriguingly named lynchpins of that book, Aector McAvoy and Trish Pharoah are back. Their stamping grounds remain the unlovely Humberside port of Hull. In an unlikely heatwave, a local activist is gruesomely murdered. As South Yorkshire’s police version of The Odd Couple try to link the death to gang crime, the case is blown wide open by another savage killing.

An impending storm threatens to dissipate the heatwave, and a metaphorical hurricane gathers over the investigation. There is a cliff-hanger ending, and our writer Death Becomes Her says, “There’s a domino effect of such high drama that I was left literally open mouthed. Please, please let book number four come quickly!” Her full review is here.

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