First look: The Book of You

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The other day, a strange box appeared on the doorstep addressed to Crime Fiction Lover. Inside, something slightly chilling. A jet black rose. As it lies there in its box, you can’t help but think it’s been laid to rest in a coffin. Have a gander at the rose. blackrose540

There was a note with the rose, pointing us online to a YouTube video. In it, a series of warnings to somebody called Clarissa. And you can watch that below. Then the book arrived, in a big black box. The Book of You by Claire Kendal has the folks at HarperCollins very excited, including publishing director Sarah Hodgeson. Her letter to reviewers inside the front cover of the advance copy tells of a clever, claustrophibic story that’s utterly gripping, and which will linger in your thoughts. Just the kind of book fans of psychological crime fiction are looking for.

The story is about Clarissa, who is relieved to be selected for jury service so that she can have some time away from Rafe, a colleague who just won’t leave her alone. However, as the abduction case she’s weighing up as a juror proceeds, she begins to see parallels with her own situation. Expect violence, abuse, a macabre fairytale, and an ending that might make you hold your breath until you suffocate. Nearly.

It says here that if you were haunted by Before I Go To Sleep and addicted to Gone Girl, you’ll be obsessed by The Book of You. It’s out on 24 April, and we’ve brought you a first look at our early copy below. (And no, that isn’t my creepy shadow on the cover.) bookofyou540

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