Bibliomysteries: Short, sweet, and by top crime authors

finaltestamentLooking for a crime story, but don’t want to commit to another 600-page novel? Well, has come up with something it’s calling Bibliomysteries – novella-length pieces by top crime authors that weigh in at under 100 pages. Each one involves a crime that somehow relates to a book. Over the last 10 months, it has published short works by Jeffery Deaver, Loren D Estleman, Ken Bruen, CJ Box, Laura Lippman and others.

The latest is The Last Testament by Peter Blauner. Based on a true story, it takes place near the end of World War II. A dying Sigmund Freud is struggling to protect his legacy against Nazi smears. Ravaged by cancer, his only weapons are his pen, a manuscript and his consulting couch… Blauner is the author of the 1992 Edgar Award-winning Slow Motion Riot, and has been writing and producing the TV series Law & Order: SVU.

One of the best things about Open Road’s Bibliomysteries is that they’re new and original. “They’re short – no longer than 100 pages,” says Emma Pulitzer at Open Road. “They come out every month. Next month we’re dong one by David Bell. The authors are personally asked to contribute, and each story is a wonderful snapshot of their writing, style, and love of books.”

The Bibliomysteries are available as ebooks, or audio downloads. Check the Open Road website for more information.

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