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PoliceearlyAn early copy of the highly anticipated Harry Hole thriller Police, by Jo Nesbo, has just landed at Crime Fiction Lover headquarters. What an exciting surprise! Sent over by Random House, we’ve actually got a copy from the company’s American imprint, Knopf. This bodes well for US readers who are used to receiving their Jo Nesbo translations a little while after those here in Britain. According to the publishers, Nesbo has now sold over 20 million books worldwide.

We don’t want to spoil anything, but the little that we can say is that the book opens with a rather abstract prologue about a gun, about Harry Hole’s onetime stepson Oleg, and about Hole himself, who was gunned down at the end of the last book, Phantom.

Police comes out on 15 October in the US and on 17 September in the UK – watch for an interview with Jo Nesbo and a full review of the book here on Crime Fiction Lover in the coming weeks and months.

policemock100To find out more about Harry Hole, read our comprehensive guide here. How do you think the early cover artwork compares to our own mock-up?

UK readers can pre-order Police below.

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