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Ordinary Grace

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ordinarygraceIt’s the summer of 1961 in the small town of New Bremen, Minnesota. William Kent Kreuger’s story concerns the Drum family, but more particularly the brothers Frank and Jake. Their idyllic summer is blighted by the discovery of first one, and then another, body. These two deaths are only the beginning, as Frank’s older sister Ariel disappears after a party one night, triggering a desperate search for the girl.

Ordinary Grace is a mystery, yes, but it’s ultimately the story of a young boy’s coming of age surrounded by devastating tragedy and loss. He discovers that even in the midst of such grief, beauty can be found in forgiveness, and grace in the smallest of things, and in the most unlikely people. The verdict of MyBookishWays was unequivocal – “Beautifully written and at times heart breaking, Ordinary Grace is a must-read for mystery and literary fans alike.”

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