Jakob Arjouni 1964-2013

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JakobArjouniFor those who missed the sad news, German crime author Jakob Arjouni passed away in January, aged 48, in January. His British publisher No Exit Press has been paying tribute to the author and is to publish the fifth novel in the Kemal Kayankaya series in August.

Translated by Anthea Bell, Brother Kemal sees the detective hired to find a financier’s missing teenage daughter. Has she run away with an older man? The story spins into different territory, though, when an author is threatened by religious fantatics at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Kayankaya needs to work out how these case are connected. Watch for our review soon.

No Exit Press has worked with Arjouni since his first book, Happy Birthday, Turk, was published in 1995. The entire series is now being released with new-look covers thanks to graphic designer Elsa Mathern. “His untimely death from pancreatic cancer at just 48 years old was a huge shock and we will miss him as a writer and a friend,” says No Exit’s Alexandra Bolton.

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