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On the radar – This week’s report is the direct result of us putting a long arm deep into the CFL mail bag and pulling out some of the most interesting new arrivals for our reviews pile. There’s a critically acclaimed anthology edited by crime legend Otto Penzler, a novel based around the aftermath of Chernobyl, and two further novels full of intrigue and suspense…

Spenser100In Pursuit of Spenser: Mystery Writers on Robert B Parker and the Creation of an American Hero
American crime writer Robert B Parker was best now for his novels featuring Boston PI, Spenser (we never learn his first name). A smart-mouthed tough guy who comes very much from a similar mould to Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe, Spenser featured in 40 novels, with an additional two being penned by journalist turned author, Ace Atkins following Parker’s death in 2010. In Pursuit of Spencer is a collection of memories and observations by fellow authors who knew Parker and his writing. Contributors include Ace Atkins, Dennis Lehane, and Lawrence Block. A copy is on its way to CFL HQ, so expect a review in the coming weeks. In Pursuit of Spencer is published by Smart Pop Books and is out now!
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The Boy From Reactor 4 by Orest StelmachStelmach100
The debut novel by Ukrainian-American author Orest Stelmach. Nadia’s father was an angry, secretive man who died when she was 13 years old, and had a past shrouded in mystery. Now she’s making a life for herself in New York, but when a stranger who claims to have known her father asks her to meet him she finds herself agreeing. She witnesses the man’s murder in an alleyway. It’s his dying words that take her back to Eastern Europe on a treasure hunt which involves her trying to keep a boy – physically and emotionally scarred by radiation syndrome – alive long enough to reveal a secret that could change the world. The Boy From Reactor 4 is published by Thomas & Mercer and is out on 19 March.
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Durrant100Under Your Skin by Sabine Durrant
It’s not out until April, but we thought this one might be worth an early mention. Gaby Mortimer has just found a body. There’s only one problem – all of the evidence for this killing seems to lead back to her, and to make matters worse, the police think she’s guilty. Who is trying to frame her and why? There are only three things Gaby knows for certain – she can’t assume anything, she can’t trust anyone and, if she’s to prove her innocence, she must check everything. Under Your Skin is published by Mulholland Books and is out on 11 April.
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Recognition by Kate VaneVane100
Self-published author Kate Vane approached us a couple of days ago with her book, Recognition, which is set in the city of Leeds, where she previously worked as a probation officer. Nat Keane was the first police officer on the scene of a brutal murder. The victim was killed and mutilated in her own bed and her five-year-old daughter, Amy, was left beside her soaked in blood. Ten years later, it’s an investigation that still haunts her. Now working as a counsellor to trauma victims and living with her partner, Dylan, a criminal lawyer, the case resurfaces. Amy’s father asks her to work with him and his daughter to find out the truth behind the murder. Just when she needs Dylan most, a controversial case leaves him too distracted to help. At £2.99, it could be an intriguing little bargain.
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