Not Dead Yet

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This book finds itself on our Recommended list after being chosen as Lucy Conlon‘s favourite crime book of 2012. She said: “I downloaded this book for my Kindle on a 20p special offer and it was definitely the bargain of a lifetime. Not Dead Yet is the latest novel in the Detective Superintendent Roy Grace crime series, and is about the making of a Hollywood film. An obsessed stalker is after the leading actress of the film – Gaia Lafayette. One attempt on her life is made days before she leaves her Bel Air home to fly to Brighton for filming, and once she reaches Brighton it becomes clear that the stalker may be at large in the city… waiting, watching and planning. This book is a little slow to start but soon it becomes impossible to put down – I even found myself reading it whilst cooking my dinner. I love Roy Grace as a character, he grows with every story and in my view he is the embodiment of a crime fiction detective. I enjoyed the setting of Brighton and having lived there myself for three years I felt it really brought the novel to life.”

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