The Last Policeman

Our contributor MyBookishWays wrote: “Perhaps one of my favourites not only of 2012, but period, is The Last Policeman. What would you do if a life-destroying asteroid was going to hit in six months? Would you quit your job? Go on an extended vacation? Succumb to your base desires and live it up? Detective Hank Palace of Concord, New Hampshire will go on doing the only thing he ever wanted to do: be a cop. The apparent suicide of a man in a McDonald’s bathroom leaves Hank with many more questions than answers and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it, asteroid, or no asteroid. Much more than a crime novel, The Last Policeman is the story of a man determined to do the right thing as society crumbles around him. His graceful, quiet determination in the face of so much uncertainty is what highlights this fantastic book. Beautifully written, subtle, and instantly addictive, The Last Policeman is a must-read for any mystery and literary fan.”

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