New Talent November 2012 recap

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A little over a month ago, we started New Talent November 2012 with a review of Sam Hawken’s Tequila Sunset. During our theme month, we looked at a whole range of new authors and their books – from 1920s hardboiled in Michael Mayo’s debut Jimmy the Stick to Alice LaPlante’s psychological crime story Turn of Mind. All the books we featured were either first or second crime novels because we really wanted to do something to spread the word about new talent in the genre.

We looked at the hottest new authors from Canada and Australia, and the best new female crime writers. The most popular article during NTN2012 was one in which Val McDermid rounded up three of her top new talent picks. We also featured 20 books from self-published and indie authors, which could be where the next wave of great crime writing will come from. And, top self-publishing author James Oswald dropped by with a tongue-in-cheek outline of how not to self-publish your crime novel. Just in case you missed anything, here’s a recap of New Talent November:

Tequila Sunset by Sam Hawken reviewed
Women to watch in 2013 – the top new female crime authors
News on the CWA’s Debut Dagger
Interview with Sam Hawken
Val McDermid tips the new wave of crime writing talent
The Yard by Alex Grecian reviewed
How not to self-publish your crime novel by James Oswald
The Healing of Luther Grove by Barry Gornell reviewed
New author Niall Leonard interviewed
Ten to taste – debuts and indie releases
Canada’s best new crime authors by HoCam
New Tartan Noir author Malcolm Mackay interviewed
Cadaver Blues by JE Fishman reviewed
Jimmy the Stick by Michael Mayo reviewed
Junkie by Robert French reviewed
New American crime author JE Fishman interviewed
The Dark Winter by David Mark reviewed
American film expert and new author Michael Mayo interviewed
Five great new writers from Down Under by Andrew Nette
Piggyback by Tom Pitts reviewed
New Scotland-based author Barry Gornell interviewed
A look at Dead Man’s Party, the crime comic by Jeff Marsick and Scott Barnett
White Heat by MJ McGrath reviewed
Ten more to taste – another collection of debuts and indie releases
Crusher – young adult crime fiction by Niall Leonard reviewed
New Holmes-inspired American author KN Shields interviewed
Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante reviewed

Did you have a favourite during New Talent November 2012? If so, tell us about it below.

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