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On the radar — This week our postbag has been positively been bursting at the seams with books from both new and established crime writers. With so many books to choose from we are spoilt for choice here at Crime Fiction Lover HQ. Starting things off we have two books from independent publisher ECW Press. Next up is the latest medical thriller from New York Times bestseller Michael Palmer. Rounding things off we’re heading off to the Cotswolds for a new novella from MC Beaton.

Dark Matter by RD Cain
The sequel to last year’s Cherry Beach Express sees disgraced Canadian police detective Steve Nastos return for a new case. A troubled teen from a wealthy family has gone missing and the worst is feared. Steve is approached by the lawyer who cleared him of murder charges to join the hunt for the girl, but with hostility from his former colleagues and his wife begging him to walk away, Steve is determined to honour his promise to the girl’s father, before it’s too late.
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Savage Rage by Brent Pilkey
Officer Jack Warren wants to be back in the heart of the action now that he’s been transferred to Toronto’s sleepy 53 Division. Back in 51 Division, Randall Kanye is on a violent crime spree and he’s always one step ahead of the cops. Warren gets his wish when he’s asked to join the hunt for Kanye, which is headed towards a dangerous confrontation between the two men.
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Political Suicide by Michael Palmer
Dr Gary McHugh is a ‘society doctor’ with a drink habit. Dr Lou Welcome is the physician who has been supervising him. A desperate call in the middle of the night finds Lou being dragged into a world of scandal and murder. McHugh has been found unconscious in a car wreck after visiting Congressman Elias Colston, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. However, when Colston’s wife returns home, it’s to find her husband shot dead. As McHugh comes round in the ER, she claims to have just broken off a long-standing affair with McHugh. However, when Lou hears McHugh’s story, he’s inclined to believe him and agrees to investigate.
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Agatha Raisin and the Christmas Crumble by MC Beaton
We end our book report in the Cotswolds where Agatha Raisin is in festive mood having invited six of Carsley’s elderly residents to join her for a festive luncheon. You’d have thought she’d learnt her lesson in the Quiche of Death (which, incidentally, is currently available on Kindle for the bargain sum of 89p). The jollity disappears when Agatha accidently kills one of her guests with a homemade Christmas pudding. Will she be able to prove her innocence or spend the rest of the festive season in the cells? This short novella will be available on Kindle from 6 December.
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