The Ultimate meets Rosie the riveter

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On the radar – This week’s radar is a mix of something old and something new, with four tales of intrigue and murder.  IT apps can be murder in our first book, whereas our second is something of a morality tale with a killer who likes to right wrongs. An old favourite makes a welcome return in our third book, and we round things up with a wartime tale of murder in 1940s New York.

The God App by David Chacko
We start the ball rolling with a modern tale of an intellectual property theft from a software firm that may have links to a murder in the past. When Greg Louden is called in to investigate, he has no idea what’s really at stake, but he’s about to find out. Could the key lie with the identity of the program’s creator and the extent of its capabilities? Louden is about to find out that the answers to these questions could be more dangerous to him in a way he doesn’t expect.
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The Ultimate Selection by SJ Wardell

Moving across the pond to London, and self-published author SJ Wardell has created a vigilante serial killer called The Ultimate. He’s virtually invisible, leaves no trail linking him to each of his victims, but moves around the capital looking for his next target and in doing so rights some wrongs. The police seem unable to find him and turn to ex-copper turned reporter Terry Bane for help. Paired up with his old partner DCI James McFarland, he finds himself embarking on a game of cat and mouse.
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Raffles: The Gentleman Thief by Richard Foreman
We’re stepping back in time to Edwardian England for a new series of books featuring gentleman of leisure, top-rated cricketer and amateur cracksman, AJ Raffles and his biographer turned accomplice Harry ‘Bunny’ Manders. Originally created by EW Hornung (the brother-in-law of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), in 1898, the classic sleuth has been brought back to life by literary consultant and publicist, Richard Foreman. In this, their first ‘new’ adventure, the pair has been commissioned to steal a letter that once belonged to Rene d’Aramis, which if published could compromise a prominent member of the government. Who has instructed them with their task? None other than Sherlock Holmes, but how will they fair?
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Don’t Die Under The Apple Tree by Amy Patricia Meade
Don’t confuse this one with the Andrews Sisters 1942 hit Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree. Our last book this week takes us back across the Atlantic to the time when America joined WWII, and 32-year-old New Yorker Rosie O’Doyle Keefe is working as a riveter down at the city’s shipyards. When her rather repugnant foreman turns up dead, Rosie knows she isn’t the only person with a motive for his murder, but is at risk of being landed with the blame due to an unpleasant incident with him shortly before he died. Rosie is determined to catch the culprit before she is accused of the crime, and finds an unlikely ally in police lieutenant Jack Riordan. The pair must join forces but time is running out and the killer is becoming increasingly desperate.
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