The Truth about Scarlet Rose

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Julia Madeleine is a wife, a mother, a tattoo artist and a crime fiction writer. In fact, she even has a blog where people talk about the crime book they’re reading whilst getting a tattoo. Today we bring you news of the author’s new novel entitled The Truth about Scarlet Rose.

It’s a book that will be of interest to our Canadian readers, particularly those in the Toronto area where the story opens. Erotic dancer Fiona Dalton is popping pills and struggling through the funeral of her step-father Charlie who was tortured and killed. But why? The police want to know, Fiona wants to know. Was it some bizarre crime of passion, and were his recent business contacts involved? Things certainly seem strange with Fiona’s estranged half-brother appearing on the scene and her mother Sylvia seeming unsympathetic about Charlie’s death.

We’ve had a look at the book and it’s one that gives new meaning to the phrase pulp crime, in this digital age. Drugs, brutal violence, emotional turmoil, identity fraud and some truly wild characters and scenes come together in The Truth about Scarlet Rose. Anyone who reads it is bound to cup a hand over their open mouth in awe thanks to its remarkably pounding storyline.

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