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Forgive me for drifting from the theme of crime fiction, but I want to let you all know about a charity project I’ve spent two years working on. Memories is a book in which 12 different people talk about their experiences with cancer, and we’re selling copies to raise money for the charity Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres. Six of the stories have been written by someone like me, who has lost a loved one to cancer, and the other six are by survivors of the disease who talk abou their experiences.

Each of the stories and poems is accompanied by 12 stunning illustrations. We’ve worked with some of the best artists and designers around the world to illuminate what it’s like when cancer strikes. The words and imagery explore a whole rainbow of emotions from fear, sadness and loss to joy and humour.

Coordinating 144 artists and the 12 authors was a huge job for me and the other three guys who worked on this, but at last the book has launched. We found a paper sponsor in the shape of Robert Horne Group who donated the very fine Revive paper that we printed on. And all the print was done by the UK company Taylor Bloxham in Leicester. They made it happen.

This beautiful book of art is only £10 plus P&P. Please order one today and support Maggie’s, as well as the creative effort of all our contributors.

An image by Tom Bagshaw illustrating Patrick Woodcock's poem Pink Dolphins, about his mother who died from cancer.

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