The Girl from Home

Written by Adam Mitzner — Wall Stree traders used to call themselves the masters of the universe. Maybe they still do. It’s what Jonathan Caine’s friends call him, perhaps with a touch of irony, and he does indeed deal in the arcane world of hedge funds. He has…
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Written by Alan Glynn — Graveland is the final instalment in Alan Glynn’s loose trilogy of critically acclaimed thrillers charting the intersection of crime and big business. A few old faces make a return but the real link between the books is a mood of…
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Bad Credit

Written by AS Clarke — Stopping for a simple cup of takeaway coffee on his way to the morning train is something that Teddy West does regularly, without incident, until one day he becomes the target of identity theft. When the barista at the coffee…
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A Fatal Debt

Written by John Gapper — Set in the imploding world of high finance in both the UK and US, this could have been the novel of our times. Instead, it falls as flat as a Shrove Tuesday pancake. The garish, over-designed cover was nearly enough…
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