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Primary Obsessions

Playwright Charles Demers has created a crime novel in which the protagonist – cognitive behavioural therapist Annick Boudreau – faces not only physical danger from the Vancouver underworld, but the ethical quandaries involved in protecting her patient afflicted with obsessive, violent thoughts. Confident the man…
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Primary Obsessions by Charles Demers

Compassionate cognitive behavioural therapist Annick Boudreau is the protagonist in Charles Demers’s new psychological thriller, Primary Obsessions. She’s sure of her treatment strategy, even though the work with her new patient is slow. Sanjay Desai suffers from a primarily cognitive obsessive compulsive disorder, less characterised…
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The Quiet Man

Written by James Carol — Every so often, book critics bemoan the ongoing interest in serial killer novels. Well, there seems no end to the public fascination with what is a particularly rare kind of criminal, especially if you can give them a new twist. That’s what James Carol…
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NTN: Junkie

Written by Robert French — Junkie is a crime thriller that roars and booms its way up, down, under and over the Western Canadian city of Vancouver. Although it was called the most livable city in the world by the Economist last year, everybody in…
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Ice on the Grapevine

Written by RE Donald — Beside the highway, lying in the sand and scrub of LA County, California, a bizarre discovery is reported to the Highway Patrol. It is the body of a young man, but what gives the officers pause for thought is that…
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