Briggs Land - State of Grace

Written by Brian Wood, artwork by Mack Chater — We don’t often review graphic novels here on Crime Fiction Lover. Too many of them involve super powers and elements that take the plot well beyond the realm of our genre. But it’s something we’d like to…
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The Follower

Written by Koethi Zan — The ‘will they, won’t they?’ storyline is standard issue in romantic tales for page, stage and screen. So why mention it in the context of this book? In truth, there’s precious little romance within the pages of The Follower, though it does feature a twisted…
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Shut Your Eyes Tight

Written by John Verdon — This is the author’s second book, and the second outing for his detective Dave Gurney, a phenomenal investigator who has retired from the NYPD and lives with his wife Madeleine in the Catskill foothills in upstate New York. He must…
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