Interview: Sally Andrew

At the foot of South Africa’s Swartberg Mountains lies Ladismith. This remote little Klein Karoo town is the home of South African crime writer Sally Andrew as well as her inimitable main character, Tannie Maria van Harten. Tannie is Africa’s most famous crime-busting agony aunt,…
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Dead of Night

Written by Michael Stanley — The South African crime writing duo Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip have taken a break from their Detective Kubu series, set in Botswana, for a standalone. The authors have never shyed away from tackling troubling subjects that beset the African continent like…
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Book Club

Reconciliation for the Dead

Claymore Straker, a young soldier in the Angolan Civil War, is on the run as a deserter when he intervenes to save a woman from a gang rape. With this impulsive, compelling act, he uncovers a larger game of Apartheid-era exploitation, greed and a biological…
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