The Fire Child

Written by SK Tremayne — Cornwall, land of rugged coastlines and tasty pasties. Where your most taxing problem might be whether to put the clotted cream or the jam first onto your scones.The perfect setting, you would think, to start married life. And when your new home…
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SK Tremayne's latest trick

You wouldn’t think it possible given the quality of SK Tremayne’s first psychological thriller, The Ice Twins, but the author has come up with something potentially even cleverer. Riffing on that twins theme, SK Tremayne has actually gone out and written two identical books. They’ve…
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DeathBecomesHer: Top five books of 2015

This year, I’ve been lucky enough to review a fair few top-class books for Crime Fiction Lover. What joy! The smile of satisfaction fades when you survey the packed bookshelf and begin to ponder on the five stand-outs. Five is the limit, so I’m just going to…
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Book Club

The Ice Twins

The Moorcrofts appear to have the perfect life, until disaster strikes. One of their twins – blonde haired, blue eyed, inseparable and identical – dies in a terrible accident. Both parents feel their lives spiraling out of control due to alcohol and mental illness but for…
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A Cure for ACD

On the Radar — Do you have a bad case of ACD? Don’t worry, it’s not a new acronym for badly behaved schoolchildren to wear as a badge. It’s that glum feeling when the Christmas tree is put out for the bin men and the…
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