Secrets of the Dead by Murray Bailey

This is the second of Murray Bailey’s crime thrillers to follow the Egyptian adventures of British archaeologist Alex MacLure, and it’s clear the author knows his subject. I’d compare it to reading highly technical sci-fi. You either try to understand every detail or skim along…
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Another brick in the wall

On the Radar — Sometimes a book arrives that’s so big the postman needs to knock on the door because it won’t fit in the letterbox. The Border by Don Winslow is a good example. It’s the kind of book we normally refer to as…
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Interview: Carol Wyer

Carol Wyer garnered a loyal following as an author of romantic comedies, but writing crime is a serious business and needs a different approach. Switching genres has proved a good move for the Staffordshire-based writer, however. Little Girl Lost, the first of a series featuring…
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Secrets of the Dead

Written by Carol Wyer — Rachel Abbott is a name mentioned in awed tones in crime fiction circles. Her books have sold by the truckload and she’s the UK’s best-loved self-published author, with sales many traditionally published writers can only dream of. You can read…
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