War Games by Douglas Jackson

Glen Savage isn’t any ordinary man. For one, he’s a war hero. A veteran of the Falklands War, he’s trained in how to kill and how to survive. He’s come through some harrowing events that now haunt his civilian life. But he’s more than that,…
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Interview: Douglas Lindsay

The Scottish author Douglas Lindsay is already internationally known for his Barney Thomson series, in which a dour Glasgow barber finds himself at the centre of a very bizarre and violent set of mysteries. With Robert Carlyle currently filming The Legend of Barney Thomson for…
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Truth Dare Kill

Written by Gordon Ferris — Over the last five years, Gordon Ferris has established himself as a distinctive Scottish voice in crime fiction. He’s written one successful series featuring private detective Danny McRae, and another with investigative journalist Douglas Brodie. Truth Dare Kill was his…
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