A Grave Concern

Written by Susanna Gregory — Also known for her 17th century mysteries featuring gentleman spy, Thomas Chalenor, Susanna Gregory also writes about the 14th century investigator, Matthew Bartholomew. A Grave Concern is his 22nd outing – the series began way back in 1996 with A Plague on Both…
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Devil in the Grass by Christopher Bowron

This debut thriller is an ambitious mix of Florida politics, Satanic cults, Seminole tradition, alligators and even a bull shark. Canadian author Christopher Bowron is clearly familiar with the southwest Florida setting, which he describes expertly, bringing the story to vivid life. We recently interviewed…
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Interview: Christopher Bowron

Debut author Christopher Bowron’s novel Devil in the Grass comes out 1 March. It’s a lively exploration of two great divides that characterise its South Florida setting: wealth versus poverty, and developers versus environmentalists. Add in the special concerns of the native Seminole population at long-term odds with…
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