Written by Arne Dahl, translated by Neil Smith — Arne Dahl, internationally known for his Stockholm-based Intercrime book and TV series, has recently brought a new series to the Nordic noir market. Book two of the Sam Berger series hits the ground running, with cops Sam Berger…
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Video: Arne Dahl talks about Watching You

The Killing. Hinterland. The Bridge. Trapped. Most crime shows have a slightly foreboding title. But when the Swedes decided to base a TB series on Arne Dahl’s Intercrime novels, they simply named it after the author. Maybe you watched it on BBCFour? Perhaps you’ve read…
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Watching You

Written by Arne Dahl, translated by Neil Smith — Right out of the gate, Arne Dahl’s latest screenplay-ready Nordic noir thriller holds fast and never lets go. In its tense first pages, Detective Sam Berger and his assault team are in position, ready to storm…
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