NTN: Cambodia Noir

Written by Nick Seeley — This year has seen the rise of some impressive new stars in crime fiction, authors whose novels are set in far-flung European locales, Scandinavian landscapes, and urban America. Perhaps none is more stellar than Nick Seeley whose debut novel, Cambodia Noir, is set in…
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Interview: Andrew Nette

This month saw the release of Melbourne-based author Andrew Nette’s debut novel, Ghost Money, a driving work of modern noir set against a background of political upheaval and rampant gangsterism in 90s Cambodia. Andrew has been our Australia correspondent for a while now, writing on…
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Ghost Money

Written by Andrew Nette — Ghost Money is the debut novel of Australian writer Andrew Nette, set in his one-time stomping ground Cambodia during the dying days of the Khmer Rouge. The country has been ravaged by decades of conflict, it’s fractured and politically unstable,…
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