Behind Dead Eyes by Howard Linskey

Tom Carney, true crime author, keeps receiving letters imploring him for help. These are no ordinary pleas, the writer no ordinary person. The letters are from convicted killer Richard Bell who is languishing in prison for murdering his lover. Bell claims he’s innocent and believes…
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CIS: The novels of Ted Lewis, a doomed genius

What is it about brilliant writing and alcohol? Men like Faulkner, Thomas, Poe, Chandler, Capote, Hemingway and Joyce were no stranger to the bottle. Meanwhile, Patricia Highsmith said that strong drink enabled her to “…see the truth, the simplicity, and the primitive emotions once more.” One…
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Shit Happens by Eileen Wharton

Rose Starling lives a dreadful life. Physically abused by her ex-husband, Joe, she’s raising their three kids on benefits and is barely able to make ends meet, skirting from one problem to the next. But things turn from bad to worse when bits of Joe…
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