Written by Rory Clements — If you’ve read the previous two adventures featuring Cambridge professor Tom Wilde you will know that he has little time to bury himself in dusty archives or hold student seminars and lectures. For this action man, who has spied for both…
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Face your Nemesis

On the Radar — Lots of themes and different styles this week, with a creepy occult thriller, The Murder House and a fish mystery set in Hull. But let’s kick things off with a throwback espionage novel that’s set just before World War II. The…
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The most wanted crime books of 2019

Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but we think history and throwbacks will dominate crime fiction in 2019. The world feels considerably more unstable with Donald Trump as president, a huge feud continuing in the UK over Brexit, strong-arm nationalist politicians popping up all…
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