Curiouser and curiouser

On the Radar — Some have suggested that the numerically titled Stephanie Plum series has grown a little predictable, however author Janet Evanovich has branched out and begun co-authoring punchy new crime novels with like-minded writers. Curious Minds leads off our On the Radar column this…
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NTN: The seven new stars of American crime

In a year with notable new releases from so many established US crime and thriller authors, newcomers continue to push the genre forward with strong writing, memorable plots, and compelling characters. The debuts of seven such authors make them writers to read today and keep…
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The Weight of Blood

Written by Laura McHugh — Tragedy seems to follow at Lucy Dane’s heels. When she was a little girl Lucy’s beautiful young mother, Lila, vanished after entering a cave known as Old Scratch near the town of Henbane, isolated deep in the Ozark mountains. Residents of the…
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